Tony wedging in the studio at Utah State University

Tony Wise started working in clay when he was a student in Lubbock, TX.  After a few years in clay there he moved to Snyder, TX where he worked under Dave Funk at Western Texas College.

This was one of the best decisions he could have made.  Having a love of crafting with his hands at the time he started, it wasn’t long before the tactile fulfillment of clay and his instructors sincere passion for ceramic work led him to where he is now; making pots.  After graduating with an associates of art from WTC, Tony transferred and was accepted into the arts program at Utah State University.  At USU Wise broadened his ceramic horizons from bake ware and slip-casting to kiln and oven building.  There was also an opportunity to spend time in China and work with ceramic artists in Jingdezhen, the porcelain capitol of the world.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Ceramics and has been traveling the last few years producing utilitarian wares.  He has recently been doing residencies and making pots in Colorado and Australia.

But really, Tony likes the simple things.  Good art, good beer, good food and great people.  The rest will fall into place from there.

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