Gonna get me a Wallaby. . . he has a pouch to hold my snacks.

11 02 2013
Making Teabowls

Making Teabowls

So it’s official.  As of May 1, 2013 I plan to be in Perth, Western Australia.  It’s been fun working in Colorado and getting to be super outdoorsy, but I think it’s time to get out of these mountains.  I think I’m done with the snow.

Maroon Bells


I’ve made some great friends here.  No, I’ve made a great family.  I’ve met people who have forever changed my life.  I’ve had an opportunity to find more in myself than I could have imagined was there.  There is a sister site now to TonyWiseCeramics called CulinaryClay.  It’s a sight dedicated to excellence in culinary artwork paired with excellence in clay work.  The goal is that the work inspires the chef and the chef can inspire other artists work.






Unfortunately though, I can’t take my good best buddy along.  We’re going to have to take our furry little monster up to Montana.  I was never really a cat person growing up.  Mostly because we didn’t have a cat, and any experience I did have with cats was not good.  Not good.  Then we got this guy.  He fetches racquetballs like a puppy, follows me around everywhere I go, and teaches me how to take really, really good naps in the sun.  But alas, the feat to get him into Australia will not be worth us taking him.  He would have to go through quarantine for 6 months, both ways.  Sad.



Workshop at Colorado Mountain College, Rifle CO

Workshop at Colorado Mountain College, Rifle CO

So alas, CJ and I are headed to the beach.  I’m going to work as an Artist in Residence and Instructor at SODA Wet Clay Center in Freemantle.  One of my favorite artists, Fleur Schell, is having us to work in the studio.  I didn’t know Fleur was Fleur until someone pointed it out to me.  Her playful pieces have dazzled me for years now.  I feel that her and her husband Richard have much to share with us, and just hope that we have just as much to share with the studio.






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