Noodles and Thoughts

2 01 2012

Round 2 of noodle making.


As the new year is starting and everyone is making their resolutions and goals, I’m thinking about my work.  I’ve been making Kimchi jars and other various pots thinking about how they will interact with what is going in and on them.  But the big treat is that I’ve been starting to make noodles!

I would post on my blog about the process for making these noodles, but there are already some other great posts out there.  You just have to find them, or ask me in an email.  These noodles however, have stolen my heart.  I’m still researching and finding ways to improve them, but I feel like more bowls will be coming soon.

Bartending at one of our Carbondale Clay Center openings.





I’m still working at the Carbondale Clay Center.  We’ve had quite a few openings and I’m starting to apply for shows in other areas of the country.  My studio has Become much more organized, and in result, much messier at the same time.  I’m enjoying Carbondale and the friends I’ve made here.  There’s plenty to do and plenty to see.



My des





Things are going good in the studio.  I spent a lot of time last year concentrating on the volume of work, but I feel that this year I’m making a conscious effort to spend a lot of time on the volume of thought that goes into each piece and the concept behind them.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel that actually making the work is important.  It’s just nice to step back and take a breather.


Work Day





I do think this year, as a kind of resolution, that I should make work that truly considers incorporating some of my inner thoughts, even those that I sometimes hide from people.  I really pour myself into these pieces physically, maybe I should invest in them a little more emotionally.




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