Where do you think I’m goin?! I’ve got my adventure shoes on don’t I. . .

27 12 2010



I am back in the US.  Somewhere around the half way point of our trip, China decided that my blog host should not be allowed in China.  Ergo, I have not had a chance to upload in quite some time.  So at this point, I’m going to instead of making one GIANT post, and instead of making 2 or 3 slighty less GIANT posts, break it down into about 5-8 shorter posts?  I will have these done and put in the hold queue box of my blog so that I don’t annoy everyone with emails all the time, and no one gets too much information than is reasonable.  Also, after reading a fellow friends blog, there will be less talk and more pictures!!  YAY!!!  I think that might be lovely.

Forenote:  Part 2

I’ve just updated the pages with my ceramic work from China (Work Page), and videos (China / Videos Page)!!!  So there are now some videos to see, and soon there will be more!

Alrighty, 22 days until we are out of Jingdezhen and onto Xian and Beijing for a few weeks.  People are starting to get a little tense, and most the folks are kind of tired of China.  I’d be lying if I was to say that things weren’t stressful, and that the thought of going home to the people and kilns I love wasn’t appealing.  There is definitely an unglorious side to the trip, but in retrospect that’s the same as being home.  Everyone has their days and moments that are up, and everyone has their days and moments that are down.  Things can’t be wonderful ALL the time.  The big difference is that we don’t have anyone else.  We can’t just hang out with some other friends we haven’t seen recently, or just take some alone time.  We are around each other every moment of every day.  For the most part were all pretty professional, but man, you can feel yourself slipping a little towards the end.  So where this is leading is that there was a day I could feel the snapping starting, deeeeeeeeeeeeeep in mu’ bones, so I snagged my bike and took a ride up the mountains!!!

Building with bricks made down the road IMG_0674

IMG_0670 IMG_0671

So first thing that happened when I got on the road for a few minutes was that I got to a place where it wasn’t quite city anymore.  I had technically, “left,” Jingdezhen, but I had only been on my bike a few minutes!  I started passing these villages.  There was a lot of construction and you could see where some of the houses were in shambles but some of the houses were luxurious and brand new.  All of the bricks that you see in piles, and most of the bricks that you see built into the buildings are bricks that were made just down the road here.

IMG_0676 IMG_0678

IMG_0682 IMG_0686

Down the other side of the road I found more construction, pagodas, and tons of clear range stuff.  Typical what you see in movies China.  But I kept going.  It’s nice to be in that.  I’m starting to feel jaded though.  I see these beautiful rooftops and wonderful, unique, resourceful ways of construction.  However, I see them all the time now.  I understand that to most the people working on these places, or living in them that it’s just how they do things.  That bamboo scaffolding is crazy!  You would never see it in the US.


IMG_0690 IMG_0691

So on with the biking. . .   found this crazy little clay processing facility.  I spent some time here taking video and kind of thinking about how, if I had to, I could produce clay on my own?  Overall a good trip, and until next time!  Back to work.




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