Noodle 101. . .

12 09 2010

It’s been a long trip from Shanghai to Jingdezhen, but were finally here.  But before I left I discovered a few things, like noodles. . .   and their rules.

Rule # 1:  Slurping is favorable.  It lets the host and cook now you love them!

Rule #2:  Don’t pick at them, it’s rude to poke your food with chopsticks. . .

Rule #3:  When slurping spicy noodles. . .   be EXTREMELY careful not to slurp it so that it slaps upward and into you EYE!!!  Spicy noodles make a spicy eye.  (first hand experience)  Also, don’t lift hot noodles too high out of the bowl, because you might accidentally throw them at someone.  (sorry Andie-D)

This was one of the many waterfalls in this Garden.

We also visited the Shanghai Gardens and the World Expo before we left.  Camera died, so no world expo shots, however, it was amazing.  There was an installation piece about world urbanization that literally blew my mind.  I was picking my brains up off the floor.  They picked one family from all the continents but Antarctica and followed their every move.  Then they linked them.  I can’t explain the piece or do it any justice, it was an entire building large, with over 20 different rooms.

Lone standing tree. Even with the enormous crowd, it was still peaceful.

Then we got on 16 hour train ride and headed for Jingdezhen.  It was a long trip full of cards and shenanigans, and learning how to correctly pronounce beer, that took us through the country side and cities and into Jingdezhen.  There, Lee Chow and crew picked us up, helped us with our luggage and got us to where we were staying.

(R-L) Landon, Jess, Morgan (our Southern Belle), Grace, Andie-D

Now that were here we will start seeing demo’s and getting everything ready tomorrow.  We went to Chinese Wal-Mart today.  I don’t really want to do that again, it wasn’t so hot.  It was good to see, but something that kind of makes you think and ponder.  I’m off for the night, but enjoy the other pictures!

Tower with a Starbucks

Oh yeh, and today we got some Mr. Noodle. . .   videos to come.

Sky scrapers on the river




One response

22 09 2010

Ohhhh Tony,

Your blog cracks me up! As I read it, I hear your Asian impersonation voice…. sorta like Jinman, but more, well, Chinese.

Hope you’re having a great time! Enjoy the foot massages and spicy eye!


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