Leg One. . . Check.

7 09 2010

So we finally got here in Salt Lake City.  It took a little bit of fanagaling but we did it.  Between thinking to drive, deciding to ride, and actually getting reservations on a shuttle. . .    it’s been a stretch so far.  Were stopped in Salt Lake where Michi’s parents, Ted and Leslie, have graciously put us up and fed us for the night.

Ted and Leslie fed us and put us up for the night. Uh-mazing chocolate cake. Thanks!

We’ll get up at whatever time and make it to the airport by 5:30 a.m. to check in.  I was noticing today how many things could possibly go wrong, that don’t.  It’s pretty much a miracle.  We could have forgotten our passports in Logan, or fallen down some stairs after wine, or hit a pedestrian. . .    all of which would not only have sucked, but would have put a huge hold on actually getting to China.  Just lucky I guess.  I’m off to create a blog of Landon in China, not for Landon, but OF Landon. . .   this is going to be fun.  MMMM, mischievous.




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7 09 2010

Many blessings and safe travels!

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