Squiggles, Slips and Squares.

14 11 2014
Card for my upcoming show.

Card for my upcoming show.

Well, it’s been a while folks!  No worries, I’ve been super busy in northern California doing a residency and putting together a show.  The show opens on December 5th and all are welcome.  I’ll be brief here, because there are a ton of huge announcements coming!  I’ve basically been making stuff and putting slip squares and silly squiggles all over them.  I made a cool cat series, but for some reason I suck at reading my test glazes now and then.  And cool cat pieces get ruined.  Womp womp.  But I’m excited to get to share the rest of the work with everyone soon!

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Take care and I’ll show you all some more pictures soon!

The Clay House and Back

23 03 2014
Cups and Saucers

Cups and Saucers

It’s been an interesting 11 months here in Australia.  Sorry to not give many updates but we have all been CRAZY busy doing classes, tech work, website maintenance and gallery exhibitions.  So I’ma give the instagram of updates!

We have a dentist next door.

We have a dentist next door.

So we’ve been running and operating The Clay House in North Fremantle, Western Australia.

It’s good, really good.  We teach classes for kids, adults and professionals.  Believe it or not it’s been a great place to grow with my work.

1393786_10151968878292482_1534126216_nI’ve had a chance to make TONS of work.  I don’t have anything but electrical kilns at my disposal right now, so all my work is cone 10 oxidation.  It’s been a challenge but it has been great for me to get outside of my comfort zone and work on a more detailed surface.

They’ve come a long way.  The time to work in oxidation again is nice as well, because the only kiln I have back home right now is an electric!


New Mugs

New Mugs

As well as working on my own body of work here, I have done a full year of teaching in every different format you could imagine.  I’ve had an adult throwing class consistently since I’ve been here.  Great groups of people that have brought in wonderful discussions about ceramics and given me more of an insight into what my market is looking for.

I had to make this.

I had to make this.

I’ve had the opportunity to teach HEAPS of kids classes.  Everything from hand-building mugs and little bowls to make families of robots, animals and houses!

It was some well deserved fun that I needed doing that.

I have also taken a position with the local college teaching a class on hand-built tableware.  This has by far been one of the cooler events to happen.  I’ve gotten to work with and help educate people from all different walks of life and get to see how they all approach making in clay.

As far as my personal work goes and where it’s going I have been working on these striped designs.  There’s a lot to it in my head that I’m not ready to write about, but you will see soon in my work some of these sketches.  I’m finding myself fascinated with putting imagery on my work right now.

As per usual, with most places I go, I built a pizza oven.  This one was fantastic.  I had a whole team of kids to help mix the clay and stack the dome.  I was lucky to have Rich Hill around.  He and the family/friends helped source all the material and helped lay the foundation.  Complete rock stars.  Yes, that oven is made completely out of clay and yes, it is decorated with shells and all other sorts of ocean finds!

Speaking of pizza ovens, there’s been a fair bit of time to have some fun cooking.  Tons of pumpkin, feta and focaccia!

So as of Apr. 30, 2014 I’ll be back in the US.  I’m talking to professors at different programs and looking at applying for graduate programs in ceramics for 2015.  I think I’m going to spend some time for the next few months putting together solid applications and working with my studio equipment.  New pics of the work with sketches on it to come!

Cake Plates

Cake Plates

New Plates.

New Plates.

Pizza Oven, Hamelin Bay

Pizza Oven, Hamelin Bay

Excellent Focaccia

Excellent Focaccia

Early Morning Coffee in the Studio

Early Morning Coffee in the Studio

Taking Time

7 03 2013
Working in the Office

Working in the Office

Good evening.  I have about 2 weeks until NCECA and I have been slammed helping presenters with presentations, coming down with colds, and learning to do satellite internet from scratch.  Not to mention putting together the latest episode of CulinaryClay featuring Adam Field bowls and RAMEN NOODLES.

I’m somewhat stressed still waiting for the Visa to go through to Australia, but what am I gonna do right?  Today was the cutoff deadline for when we (the NCECA A/V Team) needed to have all the presentations checked and I think I’m going to take some much needed time to sit here and make some more of these.

Just pulled the kitty up a pillow and am getting some fresh water now!

Gonna get me a Wallaby. . . he has a pouch to hold my snacks.

11 02 2013
Making Teabowls

Making Teabowls

So it’s official.  As of May 1, 2013 I plan to be in Perth, Western Australia.  It’s been fun working in Colorado and getting to be super outdoorsy, but I think it’s time to get out of these mountains.  I think I’m done with the snow.

Maroon Bells


I’ve made some great friends here.  No, I’ve made a great family.  I’ve met people who have forever changed my life.  I’ve had an opportunity to find more in myself than I could have imagined was there.  There is a sister site now to TonyWiseCeramics called CulinaryClay.  It’s a sight dedicated to excellence in culinary artwork paired with excellence in clay work.  The goal is that the work inspires the chef and the chef can inspire other artists work.






Unfortunately though, I can’t take my good best buddy along.  We’re going to have to take our furry little monster up to Montana.  I was never really a cat person growing up.  Mostly because we didn’t have a cat, and any experience I did have with cats was not good.  Not good.  Then we got this guy.  He fetches racquetballs like a puppy, follows me around everywhere I go, and teaches me how to take really, really good naps in the sun.  But alas, the feat to get him into Australia will not be worth us taking him.  He would have to go through quarantine for 6 months, both ways.  Sad.



Workshop at Colorado Mountain College, Rifle CO

Workshop at Colorado Mountain College, Rifle CO

So alas, CJ and I are headed to the beach.  I’m going to work as an Artist in Residence and Instructor at SODA Wet Clay Center in Freemantle.  One of my favorite artists, Fleur Schell, is having us to work in the studio.  I didn’t know Fleur was Fleur until someone pointed it out to me.  Her playful pieces have dazzled me for years now.  I feel that her and her husband Richard have much to share with us, and just hope that we have just as much to share with the studio.



Noodles and Thoughts

2 01 2012

Round 2 of noodle making.


As the new year is starting and everyone is making their resolutions and goals, I’m thinking about my work.  I’ve been making Kimchi jars and other various pots thinking about how they will interact with what is going in and on them.  But the big treat is that I’ve been starting to make noodles!

I would post on my blog about the process for making these noodles, but there are already some other great posts out there.  You just have to find them, or ask me in an email.  These noodles however, have stolen my heart.  I’m still researching and finding ways to improve them, but I feel like more bowls will be coming soon.

Bartending at one of our Carbondale Clay Center openings.





I’m still working at the Carbondale Clay Center.  We’ve had quite a few openings and I’m starting to apply for shows in other areas of the country.  My studio has Become much more organized, and in result, much messier at the same time.  I’m enjoying Carbondale and the friends I’ve made here.  There’s plenty to do and plenty to see.



My des





Things are going good in the studio.  I spent a lot of time last year concentrating on the volume of work, but I feel that this year I’m making a conscious effort to spend a lot of time on the volume of thought that goes into each piece and the concept behind them.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel that actually making the work is important.  It’s just nice to step back and take a breather.


Work Day





I do think this year, as a kind of resolution, that I should make work that truly considers incorporating some of my inner thoughts, even those that I sometimes hide from people.  I really pour myself into these pieces physically, maybe I should invest in them a little more emotionally.

Sometimes things just click

5 04 2011

Tenmoku Bottle Set

So I’m finding that today is the first post I’ve actually made this year.  I’m taking a pretty heavy load this semester because it’s the last of what I need to graduate.  It’s been pretty hectic and I guess I just didn’t have anything to say besides, “working hard, getting back to it. . ”

Xian and Beijing were awesome if anyone was wondering.  Great food, good people, acquired some nice goods.  I’ll have the foodreel up soon, to many people’s delight.  So I’ve been making these bottle sets.  I just put my BFA show up with the group and it’s comprised of trays that have a bottle calipered to the center and two accompanying cups.  I love em’, but they have a ways to go.  I need to take a break though and crank out some sale pots.  It will be a nice break for my hands to make casseroles, bowls, etc.

Robin Hopper

Kisses for Slide Edits

I’m working with NCECA (National Council on the Education of the Ceramic Arts) as an AV technician and it’s one of the best jobs I’ve ever had.  Great people and great times.  I made some great friends and got to meet some of my heroes and idols.  Robin Hopper played his trombone mouthpiece for us and had a few beers.  We had a rule this year, if  we have to make any edits to your presentation because you weren’t prepared. . .   you had to put on our flamingo hat and take pictures!  Then we shared our candy, but that’s besides the point.  I’ve been asked to return next year, and I am more than excited to be part of the group again in Seattle.  There are many more flamingo pics, but I think I will email those to Chris or Lee and let them do what they please, hee hee.  Well Ceej and I flew back up to Utah on Sunday and drove to Logan with Gail Nichols and her husband Dave.  Great folks, and I look forward to spending the next few weeks hanging out and talking with them.  Set the show up and now I’m just going to breeze in the studio for a while.

Guy and his student standing like flamingos

The best fish and chips I have ever had

Side note:  These were the best fish and chips I have ever had.  We stopped during a gallery stroll for a beer and some food, and this was their special, with mint peas!!

So anywho, I’m graduating and I’ve got my application/resume in at a few places.  I’ve been denied by two, but there’s 3 still awaiting.  For now I’m going to have another cup of coffee and ride my bike up the hill.  Now that’s what I call a good morning!

Where do you think I’m goin?! I’ve got my adventure shoes on don’t I. . .

27 12 2010



I am back in the US.  Somewhere around the half way point of our trip, China decided that my blog host should not be allowed in China.  Ergo, I have not had a chance to upload in quite some time.  So at this point, I’m going to instead of making one GIANT post, and instead of making 2 or 3 slighty less GIANT posts, break it down into about 5-8 shorter posts?  I will have these done and put in the hold queue box of my blog so that I don’t annoy everyone with emails all the time, and no one gets too much information than is reasonable.  Also, after reading a fellow friends blog, there will be less talk and more pictures!!  YAY!!!  I think that might be lovely.

Forenote:  Part 2

I’ve just updated the pages with my ceramic work from China (Work Page), and videos (China / Videos Page)!!!  So there are now some videos to see, and soon there will be more!

Alrighty, 22 days until we are out of Jingdezhen and onto Xian and Beijing for a few weeks.  People are starting to get a little tense, and most the folks are kind of tired of China.  I’d be lying if I was to say that things weren’t stressful, and that the thought of going home to the people and kilns I love wasn’t appealing.  There is definitely an unglorious side to the trip, but in retrospect that’s the same as being home.  Everyone has their days and moments that are up, and everyone has their days and moments that are down.  Things can’t be wonderful ALL the time.  The big difference is that we don’t have anyone else.  We can’t just hang out with some other friends we haven’t seen recently, or just take some alone time.  We are around each other every moment of every day.  For the most part were all pretty professional, but man, you can feel yourself slipping a little towards the end.  So where this is leading is that there was a day I could feel the snapping starting, deeeeeeeeeeeeeep in mu’ bones, so I snagged my bike and took a ride up the mountains!!!

Building with bricks made down the road IMG_0674

IMG_0670 IMG_0671

So first thing that happened when I got on the road for a few minutes was that I got to a place where it wasn’t quite city anymore.  I had technically, “left,” Jingdezhen, but I had only been on my bike a few minutes!  I started passing these villages.  There was a lot of construction and you could see where some of the houses were in shambles but some of the houses were luxurious and brand new.  All of the bricks that you see in piles, and most of the bricks that you see built into the buildings are bricks that were made just down the road here.

IMG_0676 IMG_0678

IMG_0682 IMG_0686

Down the other side of the road I found more construction, pagodas, and tons of clear range stuff.  Typical what you see in movies China.  But I kept going.  It’s nice to be in that.  I’m starting to feel jaded though.  I see these beautiful rooftops and wonderful, unique, resourceful ways of construction.  However, I see them all the time now.  I understand that to most the people working on these places, or living in them that it’s just how they do things.  That bamboo scaffolding is crazy!  You would never see it in the US.


IMG_0690 IMG_0691

So on with the biking. . .   found this crazy little clay processing facility.  I spent some time here taking video and kind of thinking about how, if I had to, I could produce clay on my own?  Overall a good trip, and until next time!  Back to work.